Egg Facts

Local Yolks eggs are an excellent source of protein, minerals and essential vitamins and can make significant contributions to healthy diets.

Vitamins: Eggs are a good source of all B vitamins.  They also have good levels of Vitamins A and D.

Minerals: Eggs are an excellent source of minerals in particular iodine and phosphorus.

Protein: This is found in both the yolk and the white of the egg. One egg can contain 12-15% of an average adults daily protein requirement.

There are less than 70 calories in an egg (Medium size)

Local Yolks eggs come in different sizes;

  • Extra Large: 73 grams +
  • Large: 63 grams – 73 grams
  • Medium: 53 grams – 63 grams
  • Small: under 53 grams

An Egg in weight is made up of the following:

  • 31% Yolk
  • 58% White
  • 11% Shell

The average Local Yolks hen lays 250 to 270 eggs a year.